Convergence of beautification and waste management project

Coochbehar is considered as one of the foremost among the 23 districts of West Bengal in terms of its rich history and heritage. Remnants of the lifestyle of the Rajas and various structures built by them can be found in various parts of the district. Pundibari Gram Panchayat lies in Block No. 1 of Sadar Sub-division of Coochbehar district. This Gram Panchayat is located near the district headquarters. May be because of this proximity to urban settlement, beautification initiatives have received emphasis on the development requirements of the local populace. (more…)


Success Story: Construction of Hume Pipe Culvert

Hume Pipe CulvertThe Torsha River flows beside the Sansad -18 of Latapata Gram Panchayat of Mathabhanga – 2 Panchayat Samiti. The vagaries of this mountainous river tormented the 2-4 thousand odd residents of the Dakshin Putimari village. Turbulent spates and irregular rising of water levels of the river isolated this settlement from the rest of the world. (more…)