SUCCESS STORY: Going Solar for a Brighter Tomorrow

Maligaon Gram Panchayat in Kushmandi block under Gangarampur Sub-Division of Dakshin Dinajpur has taken a glorious step towards sustainable development by installing 10 KW rooftop off-grid hybrid solar panel system.

Since rooftop solar panels harness the power of the sun to generate electricity, they are eco-friendly, posing fewer pollution risks to the environment in comparison to conventional sources of energy. Moreover, unlike conventional generators, they are noiseless, free from harmful emissions and put no strain on fossil fuels. Using solar energy is also effective in combating climate change as they leave behind almost negligible carbon footprint.

Electricity cost keeps fluctuating from time to time. So, it often becomes difficult to calculate the expenditure on electricity for a certain period of time. However, when it comes to electricity generated by solar rooftop panels, the cost of power generated can be calculated easily. In fact, highly accurate predictions can be made about the cost for the next 10 years or so. This is what makes solar installations such a secure investment as they invariably prove to be significantly instrumental in helping Gram Panchayats save from their own funds.

For this project, Maligaon Gram Panchayat expended Rs. 14,13,884 which has been met out of 14th Finance Commission’s Basic Grant. This has been a landmark achievement of the Maligaon Gram Panchayat in the Dakshin Dinajpur district, promising long-lasting benefits for years to come.

Story & Photo Courtesy:
Sri Roopam Mondal
REM (Gangarampur Subdivision)
Dakshin Dinajpur

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