SUCCESS STORY: The Road along the Path of Development

Road leads to the opening up of new roads in South 24 Parganas

1Bali is a distant island surrounded by the mangrove forests at Sundarbans in South 24 Parganas district. This eight km long island comprises of two Gram Panchayats – Bali – 1 and Bali – 2. The Gomor River passes through the middle of the village. The villages on the banks of the river comprise the Bali – 1 Gram Panchayat. Even in recent past, the villagers living in this Gram Panchayat under Gosaba Block had to worry during the monsoon. The important link between three villages of the area was made by a muddy road on the banks of the river. This muddy road was also the only means of communication to the Amlamethi Shyamal Smriti School and the Amlamethi Community Hall. The road was heavily damaged during monsoon. Many students had to skip schools for the sticky mud on the road. Also, the vegetables produced in the villages couldn’t be transported outside. The villagers had long demanded the construction of a concrete road at this area.

3This requirement of the people was raised at the Gram Sansad Sabha. The elected representatives decided to construct a concrete road as per the requirements of the people in the general body meeting held on 2017-18. The mentors of the Institutional Strengthening of Gram Panchayats Program encouraged the Gram Panchayat to undertake this activity. Almost 5000 people living in the Sansad no 4 and 5 of this Gram Panchayat, the vegetable vendors of the ‘Rajabajar’ wholesale market and the local school students would be benefited from this project.

Accordingly, the project for concrete casting of the mud road was implemented in two phases from the first installment of grants of financial year 2017-18 received in between December, 2017 and January, 2018.

4400 metre road stretching in between Kanu Sardar and Badam Sardar’s house was constructed at the first phase of the project at an expenditure of Rs. 21,60,355/-. The activity of road construction for the next 100 metre in between Badam Sardar’s house and the community hall was completed at the second phase at an expenditure of Rs. 4,93,806/- The total expenditure for the project was Rs. 26,54,161. The newly constructed concrete road is almost 500 metre in length.

This 500 metre long concrete road is changing the socio-economic condition of Bali -1 Gram Panchayat. Now regular classes are being held at the Amlamethi Shyamal Smiriti School even during the monsoon. Students can access it throughout the year by their bicycles or on foot. The local farmers too face no difficulty in transporting their produce to the wholesale market at Rajabajar. Now, traders from far off places come to this wholesale market to buy vegetables. As such, the local farmers are encouraged to continue farming of vegetables. This has also led to the increase of income for the poor locals.

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