Success Story: Construction of Hume Pipe Culvert

Hume Pipe CulvertThe Torsha River flows beside the Sansad -18 of Latapata Gram Panchayat of Mathabhanga – 2 Panchayat Samiti. The vagaries of this mountainous river tormented the 2-4 thousand odd residents of the Dakshin Putimari village. Turbulent spates and irregular rising of water levels of the river isolated this settlement from the rest of the world. Even serious patients and school children had to travel significantly longer distances of 10-12 Km. instead of the usual 2-3 Km due to water-logging. Drainage facilities built on higher grounds resulted accumulation of water on 250-300 bighas of farmlands on the opposite side of the embankments and submerged them. As a result, these double crop yielding fertile lands could be cultivated only once in a year. During the summer another fate waited for them. The waterless dry river rendered these lands unsuitable for cultivation. The poverty level of the area was high as a result.

Construction of a Hume pipe culvert at an expenditure of Rs. 4,65,844/- at this place has solved these problems. Drainage of the water submerging those 250-300 Km. of farmlands is possible now.  As such, these lands can be utilized for cultivation even in the monsoon reason. A road is also being constructed over this culvert. Completion of its construction will solve the transportation problems of around 4-5 thousand localities, who can now travel through a shorter route of 2-3 Km. throughout the year instead of the previous 10-12 Km. route. These benefits of the Hume Pipe culvert will result in fast economic development of this area.


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