Contributed by:
Sri Roopam Mondal
REM (Gangarampur Sub-division)

Pic-1Roads have contributed enormously to the lives of humans since ages. They underpin our community as well as society and allow goods to be transported to the farthest corners of the world. But for rural people roads have played a pivotal role by helping them deepen ties between communities, resulting in a healthy, vibrant and positive atmosphere in rural areas. Likewise, rural lives rely largely on safe and stable road condition to maintain communication between remote areas.

Today in rural areas, a large number of people have been able to access hospitals owing to improved road conditions. Now, rural areas have better roads that connect to remote villages. Roads are now safe, motor-able and usable in difficult weather conditions. This means that the rural populace who once were the victims of deplorable road condition, can access modern healthcare as today they can easily connect to cities and towns to avail healthcare facilities.

An increased number of pregnant women prefer to visit hospital for their delivery. Interestingly, healthcare workers have been able to achieve 100% immunization target in many villages, thanks to better and safer roads.

“Lives are being saved” ambulances can reach remote areas where earlier there were no traces of road.

Poor road condition makes it difficult for children to go to school and affect the price of vegetable and crops as farmers face huge difficulty in delivering their produce to the market.

To address the crisis, Ashokgram Gram Panchayat in the Financial Year 2017-18, under the aegis of Gangarampur Development Block, constructed a 400 mts. long PCC Road which brought in a huge sigh of relief for more than 1,500 people of this area. Total expenditure of the project was Rs. 16,28,881/- and the fund was facilitated by the 14th Finance Commission Fund.



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