Installation of Solar Street Lights by Jateswar -1 Gram Panchayat

Contributed by:
Govind Thakur
ITM-ISGPP-II, Alipurduar

The Jateswar-1 Gram Panchayat is situated at a distance of 10 Km from the Falakata Railway Station and Falakata Block Office. It falls under the administrative jurisdiction of Falakata Block of the newly formed Alipurduar district.

Though densely populated, all the 17 sansads of this Gram Panchayat are backward areas in terms of development thereby causing several problems for its inhabitants. Till a few days back, the absence of streetlights was a severe problem for them. The canopy of trees covering the roads of the Gram Panchayat aggravated the problem in night time. Even in full moon nights, the trees provided ample cover and turned the roads into breeding ground of antisocial activities. Drunkards and eve-teasers roamed free making the women of the locality unsafe.  Murder, snatching and similar criminal activities were common.  The pitch dark nights also led to accidents.

Local inhabitants raised the issue at the Gram Sansad meeting and it was decided that street lights will be installed in order to overcome the problems. Accordingly, the Gram Panchayat incorporated the scheme of installing street lights in its Integrated Plan of financial year 2017-18. Consequently, a total of 15 solar street lamps have been successfully installed in the financial year 2017-18. The overall expenses of installation of Rs. 4,95,000/- was utilized from the I.S.G.P.P. – II funds.

The solar street lights are installed near the houses of local residents  Swapan Das, Ananta Barman, Naresh Thakur, Mitu Badra, Kasim Ali in part no. 13/51, 13/51, 13/51, 13/64, 13/50 respectively. The installation of these lights has drastically reduced the problems of murky roads. Occurrences of accidents during the night have minimized. It has also reduced antisocial activities like theft, eve-teasing etc. The women of the area now feel safe to venture out at night.

The Gram Panchayat now plans to install more such lights in the locality. We are proud of this endeavour of our Gram Panchayat and hope that such initiatives will be emulated in other areas of our state.


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