A Welcome Note from ISGPP Team

Welcome Mr. Onno Ruhl (Country Director, World Bank)

Welcome to ISGPP… Welcome to Kolkata!

ISGPP team would like to seize the opportunity to welcome you sir. We are extremely happy to have you with us. It’s been a great association with your team. Together, we have been fulfilling our duty of cherishing every human life.

As you might know, the key elements of ISGP project is to develop institutionally strengthened Gram Panchayats (GPs) through intensive capacity building support, performance based grant transfer, strengthening monitoring and application of environment and social safeguards & integration of vulnerable groups development framework in planning. The project till date has made significant contribution towards citizen-centric service delivery through improvement in GP planning, budgeting and implementation in a participatory approach. There has been a steady increase in the financial absorption capacity and reduction in fund fragmentation in scheme implementation along with increased financial transparency and accountability.

You will be happy to note that the GP functionaries are now enabled to integrate environment and social safeguards and inclusion of vulnerable groups in planning and execution. The project aims to consolidate its systematic interventions through further strengthening of its initiatives and replicate the project innovations across all GPs in the state.

We hope that this association of ours continues to play a major role in bringing significant changes in the rural life of West Bengal. Thank you and your team for being with us, joining us, and supporting our beginnings. Thank you all!

One comment

  1. It is a great pleasure and honour to be visiting your Gram Panchayat. I am very much impressed with how the ISGPP is strengthening the level of Government closest to the people. Results are visible and will stay if you keep up the good work. I believe you will, as you have a strong team!

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